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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is 9news now. >> hurricane sandy is headed this way, and we're getting ready for what may be one of the worst storms to hit our area in years. in fact, this one is so big, you can see it from outer space. >> dc, maryland and virginia have all declared states of emergency. here at 9news, we've got team coverage. topper is tracking the storm. plus we've got a list of items you'll want to pick up this weekend, along with ways to protect your home when sandy arrives. you can take a look at what the storm can mean for the upcoming election. the mission is to keep you safe and protected. >> let's take a look at the mess sandy created in haiti. 26 people killed. others simply buried in mud slides. and that death toll is expected to rise. there has been 14 other deaths related to sandy. and sandy's location and path, let's get to topper. >> does it look like the storm
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will head toward us? >> i think so. i think it's going to make landfall somewhere between dc and new york city. and if it does somewhere in between there, the storm is so big, it will have an impact on us. the farther south, the larger the impact. let's start with the warnings. we're looking at a storm that has sustained winds of 75 miles an hour. it's a category one. low end. about 35 miles south, southeast of charleston. movement to the north at about 7. we're looking at warnings up to hatteras. essentially the entire southeast coast. no changes yet, but i would not be surprised tomorrow or at least by sunday if we get some watches, tropical storm watches and warnings even in the immediate delmarva coast. okay. let's go over the scenarios. and i've changed this a little bit. one scenario we take it out to sea. 5% chance. scenario two, new york city north. i think even ift hits new york city, we'll get an inch or so of rain with winds 15-30 miles an hour. scenario 3, about a 30% chance in between new york city and
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atlantic city. now we have winds of 20-40 miles an hour. up the rainfall a little bit too. 1-3 inches. so even though it comes this far north, 1-3 inches of rain is possible in the metro area. that's good enough for flooding. and of course scenario 4 which is the worst possible track would be right over across the northern bay into northern maryland. now we have rain 2-8 inches. the only track worse than this would be a track about 100 miles further south of the metro area, south of town out towards winchester. scenario four is no picnic. look how big the storm is. the wind field is 300 miles. it's so big. tropical storm force winds sunday evening will be buffetting the hatteras and also the outer banks and then by monday at 7:00 p.m., we're going to have tropical storm force winds. and now we see just now making
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left turn, big winds. anywhere from 58-73-mile an hour winds will be buffetting ocean city, bethany and points north. so we'll keep you posted on this. we're going to come back and talk about things you can do before the storm hits and we'll also give you a little better idea of when it will move into the metro area. >> topper, when you look at the size of that thing, you have to ask are you prepared to weather something of that magnitude. >> so we went out tonight and made an impromptu visit to one couple's home to see how prepared they are. >> reporter: tonight we're in maryland where we walked up to this house and found a very nice couple who didn't mind us coming in and bringing our exper to find out if they're really prepared for sandy. so let's go. come on. what are you going to be looking for here in this house to make sure you're prepared. >> any type of water damage because of a sump pump failing. >> reporter: do you think you've well-prepared. >> yes, we are.
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we have lanterns, flashlights, we have an emergency radio. we have a good sump pump. >> if the electricity goes out, this sump pump will not work unless you have a back up plan. let's say a generator. >> reporter: how often do we need to have somebody come and check the sump pump. we've been in the house 10 years. >> well, you just make sure it works. you should hear it -- you should hear it turn on and off. >> right. >> as the water levels go up and down. >> it does. >> reporter: so when you take a look and surveying this land, what do you think? >> the tree i'm noticing right now is the one behind us. >> okay. >> that looks likes it's large enough to do extensive damage to your home. >> i agree. >> reporter: they have to keep an eye on that. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the patio furniture, they need to do something about that. >> any type of loose debris can fly away in that type of storm. not only fly away, but hit your neighbor's home. break their window, mess up their property as well. >> we're going to have that done, that does concern me, especially with the forecast. >> reporter: so what are you
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thinking of doing now after doing the inspection. >> buying a generator. back up generator. >> reporter: so it looks like they have say little bit of shopping to do. you never know when 9news is going to be at the door. we have you covered every step of the way. >> debora said we've got you covered every step of the way, and we also set out our surae chinn. and she's got more on what you can do right now so you aren't left in the dark later. >> reporter: many of us know what it's like to be in total darkness. that's why it's crucial to have your home protected and stocked up with candles or flashlights. it's important to take care of any tree trimming you need to do. and don't forget to clean out the gutters. charge your phone. fill up your bathtub in case the water supply goes dry. now would be a good time to eat or drink what's in the refrigerator. to empty your frig, but fill up the tank. and buy some ice. >> i have to get ready.
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i have to get home. >> reporter: now off to the grocery store. here is where you want to pick up a three-day supply of food. grab some extra dog food. charcoal and wood. >> batteries. >> reporter: pick up some canned food. >> and also don't forget your munch ease. >> reporter: make sure you have -- munchies. >> reporter: make sure you have plenty of water. >> water and wine. and have all of the chips and munchies and gourmet cheese that you would like to weather out the storm. >> reporter: in northwest, surae chinn, 9news now. a big victory for consumers tonight, especially marylanders facing another outige. the state changed the law so pepco can no longer charge for the time consumers are disconnected during a storm. it comes after a change of 9 wants to know investigation by russ ptacek. >> reporter: many of you were still disconnected when we uncovered it, a rule that allowed pepco and bge to charge customers for the time that they were disconnected and couldn't use electricity.
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when we contacted the public service commission, bge and pepco, they couldn't explain how the billing worked or even how much each consumer was expected to pay up to cover utility company losses because disconnected customers weren't able to use electricity. our story went national overnight, as did the outrage. the governor and montgomery county officials called on the public service commission to review the rule and today the board overturned it. for months we asked the board and pepco and bge to put a dollar amount of how much consumers were playing on average. no one ever could, although everyone put it under a dollar. pocket change that consumer won't be billed again for being disconnected. i'm investigator reporter russ ptacek, 9news. >> of course if you have travel plans next week, you may want to resked he will them -- reschedule them. so far jetblue and spirit is waving fees for anyone that wants to rebook.
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of course if you're flying, check the status of your flight before you head out to the airport. if you're a district worried about flooding, you may want to pick up some sandbags. they'll be giving them away. you can get them between 10:00 and 6:00 at rfk stadium. go to lot 7 to pick them up. and even election officials are worried that perhaps this storm could sandbag voters in the upcoming election. they're already making plans and taking precautions. gary. >> reporter: well, derek, it's what if planning. what if the storm is so bad that polling places don't have electricity on election day. what if poll watchers can't get there. some voters did what if planning themselves tonight and decided to vote early. >> it was very easy process. >> reporter: tanya sebastian was among hundreds of voters casting ballots on friday. the approaching storm a factor. >> i think it just encouraged me to go ahead and vote rather than wait until later.
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>> reporter: it is not strictly early voting and is opened only to those who qualify for absentee ballots. >> which might be because you're spending more than 11 hours on election day going to and from your work. it might be because you plan to be out of town. but if you were planning to absentee vote on monday and tuesday, you might think about absentee voting tomorrow because the storm hasn't yet reached us. >> reporter: in maryland, actually early voting for all begins tomorrow, 10:00-8:00. in sunday 12:00-6:00. in dc, it has already begun. 8:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m.. and if the storm knocks out power up to and including election day, what about those electricity-dependent electronic voting machines? >> the voting machines all have batteries, so they will retain battery power if the electricity goes out. number two, the satellite
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locations are at government facilities, most of which have generator power. >> this is a real worry for election officials because when battery power is exhausted, the results could disappear. the votes lost forever. the storm is already having an impact on campaign, candidates dropping rallies because of it. >> thanks, gary. and 9news has you covered. stick with us for the hurricane sandy coverage. we've made it easy for you to track the phone on your smart phone. text the word sandy to the number 25543. and with that you will receive simple instructions on how to download our wusa weather app. a couple out enjoying a pass in charles county maryland has apparently been gunned down. they were both rushed to the hospital and we just learned the woman has died. the shooter still on the loose. we know very little about this. it happened around 7:00 on hampshire circle in waldorf. still ahead, andrea mccarren continues her travels through the battle ground state of virginia. we'll hear what some moms have
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to say about this upcoming election. and we'll take a look at where the president and governor romney stand in those polls.
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all week long we've had a news crew crisscrossing the state of virginia taking the polls of voters in the key battle grounds. the latest poll out just today shows romney with a slight lead there. he's got 50% support compared to president obama's 48%. tonight andrea mccarren wraps up our battle ground virginia coverage closer to home in loudoun county. >> reporter: loudoun is the wealthiest county in the nation in terms of its household
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income. and political scientists say the candidate who wins a critical vote here and in similar battle grounds wins the election. and that is the so-called panera mom. >> really? oh, my gosh. i'm surprised that we're the ones who would be deciding. >> reporter: the panera mom is educated, has children and is worried about the economy. and you can find her across northern virginia. >> i think a lot of women are looking for humanitarian issues and abortion rights and things like that. but i personally am looking for more business issues in this economy. >> reporter: they're women like virginia debole. >> i want her to be able to have social security and all of the supports of the economy. i want our country to be able to afford that. i just want her to have successful life. >> reporter: diane novinjer is concerned about health care and the future for 7-year-old ann marie. >> i want her to be able to get a job, buy a house, go to
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college, not struggle. >> reporter: it is the undecided panera moms that the candidates want and need. like zara safar. a mother of a 2-year-old. >> i'm real confused right now. last time four years ago was obama. now we still debating who it will be. >> reporter: this entire table of panera moms has already chosen their candidate, and their decision is split. the question now is which loudoun county will show up on the polls at election day, the one with conservative virginia roots or the newer economically and ethnically diverse ones. in ash burn, andrea mccarren, 9news. >> panera moms. interesting. we went from soccer moms to panera moms. >> what's next. >> i know what is next. a big monster megacyclone. >> he loves that. >> he taught him a new term and he won't let go. >> here is the deal. we're looking at perhaps a little more rain, even though the scenario may take it a
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little further north. so i'm a little more concerned about flooding. the timetable pretty much the same monday and also tuesday. fortunately it will hang around for part of halloween. that's the way it looks like now. let's look at the spaghetti plot. it's my favorite graphic because it tells you so much. each line represented by a computer model, and that's the track. and when the lines are close together, there is confluence. everybody is in agreement. when they begin to separate, then they're not in agreement. but look at this, every model turns it in and makes that left turn. now, one model takes it up into nantucket. one model takes it into atlantic city. but it does appear it's going to make that turn into the east coast. and some of the models actually do a loop around town, which is not out of the question. a little unusual for october. more common in the summer months. but these loops are possible. and anything from new york south is going to be a problem for us. anything south of atlantic city is going to be a big problem for us. and anything even farther south than that could be a devastating storm for us.
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all right. here is the track. winds are 75 miles per hour. it's about 395 miles to the south, southeast of charleston. it's going to start turning to the north on sunday as a category one. pretty far off shore. and then it slams into the delmarva. this track is no tt adjusted yet. i think -- not adjusted yet. i think some of the models will take it north. it's so big we're until looking at problems. and even by tuesday, winds are still going to be 50 miles an hour, even tuesday night. so scenario one, it stays out to sea. probably not going to happen. 5%. scenario 2, new york city or north. we get about an inch or less of rain. winds are still 15-30. that's how big the storm is. it goes in between new york and atlantic city. now we have 1-3 inches of rain and 20-40 miles an hour. that's no picnic. and, of course, this scenario over ocean city, into northern mare happened, now we have 40-70-mile an hour winds and
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possibly 2-8 inches of rain. so outside story, what do we know? it could be historic. critical? still monday night into tuesday. damaging winds likely and some flooding is possible. and that's even becoming a little more likely. a live look outside michael and son weather cam, we have clouds. pressure .34.7. soccer games will be played. not that much moisture in the air tomorrow. prepare for sandy. clean out your gutters. check your sump pumps. more clouds than showers this weekend. that's what it appears. all right. so overnight looks like this. mostly cloudy and mild. winds easterly at 10. the next three days we'll keep tomorrow as a green alert and then two yellow alerts on sunday and monday. 68 tomorrow. a few showers. showers on sunday. 59. showers on monday. 58. and then big time rain monday night into tuesday. tuesday will be in the low 50s.
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wednesday halloween still some showers. temperatures in the upper 50s. and then finally drying out a little bit on thursday and friday. we're back with sunshine on friday in the mid 50s. so, again, we'll keep you posted. we're always online. go to good stuff. >> all right. >> thank you, topper. that looks like a kris cooley jersey, my friend. >> we've been giving them away this week. this time we're giving away chris cooley until the end of the football season. we're giving away this one right here. go to our facebook page. all you have to do is like us. tell us why you deserve this jersey and the winner will be elected randomly and announced on game on. this week we're giving away, again, chris cooley jersey. cooley. cooley. cooley. >> yes. >> we're also talking redskins coming up in sports. the postman is reliable and delivers in all kinds of weather. but the postman might be down for pittsburgh. and the latest on number 59 and whether he can make it 232
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straight and who is next in line for the terps qb gig. wow. i don't think anybody wants that job next.
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and now 9 sports with dave owens. >> well, how do you not miss a game ever? and you play arguably the most brutal position in all of football. you have to ask fletcher that question. he played 231 straight. if he can't go, you know it's serious. and it is. he's dealing with a problematic hamstring and some balance issues which he saw a specialist for yesterday. good news, fletcher back at practice today. says he's feeling better. but a final ruling on whether he's going to play or not on sunday against pittsburgh still to be determined. we'll stay tuned. all right. tomorrow we'll get our first look at maryland quarterback number 4. freshman caleb row who was supposed to red shirt the next man up. that's because every other quarterback on the roster is out for the season. row and the terps visit boston college tomorrow. all right. what a better way to kickoff our high school football coverage
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than a prince williams showdown. hilton and potomac toe to toe. over time special. highlights of that one and many others around the region coming up next.
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it's time for usa today high school sports presented by toyota. >> let's get it going. all you have to do is look at the top of the cardinal division standings to see why this was
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big. hilton versus potomac. both undefeated if league play. woodbridge versus dumfries. it's our game of the week. potomac gets it started first. look at the play right here. one of the best you're going to see. terry stuls doing his best. omg! carlos duncan makes the catch. touchdown passes. back to hilton. levinbarry has legs and he knows how to use them. so we go to overtime here. this one will have done the football game. allen neale touchdown. no. out of bounds. almost. but not good enough. so potomac's turn here. dixon running it up. potomac walking off. potomac winning it 27-21 in a thriller. >> coming back to where we've
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been the last seven years, we have no stadium. we come over here and win this and win a championship and it's fantastic. i'm so proud of what they've done. >> all right. let's move on here. yorktown hosting mount vernon. you know, i'll tell you what, mjd might busted up in the pros, but mjf is doing good in high school. mj stewart in. can't touch this. until right there. hawkins down after a 21-yard run. what can he do for you? score. patriots win 27-35 -- 35, excuse me, to nothing. june has them bawling over at anacostia. this is him doing his best sanders impersonation. you can't touch that. indians stuck it in the end zone several times tonight. the defense did stand strong
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here. stopping barber there. but tech got into the end zone themself. anacostia hanging on to win 30-20. sherwood paying a visit to the black hole. you can't go to the black hole and expect to come out with a victory. this is moses vine. the gospel according to moses. thou shall run with the pig skin. knocked out of bounds at the five yard line. i'm going to call him the cashier because he's always paying off. sherwood goes to germantown and knocked off northwest 35-28. screaming eagle's most swarming. great game tonight. this is christian, 99 problem. but a good game. he doesn't get knocked out of bounds either. the man is going to make the house call. 14-0 damascus. give seneca valley credit, though.
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they kept battling. looking, looking, looking, but the swarming hor net defense swarmed. they hold on to win 14-13. all right. that's going to do it. great stuff out there tonight. we leave you now with the hilton high school band. good night, everybody. ♪ music playing
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